How to Block Ransomware and Automatic backup ?

There are many ways to block ransomware, malware, and viruses. However, these malicious programs continue to evolve, so simply blocking malicious programs with patterns alone can infect your PC with other malicious programs

Do you want to protect your valuable files?

There is a way.
Please try the “Block Ransomware and backup” product.
Ransomware, malware, viruses, etc. can infiltrate your PC, but it can not damage your files.
This product allows you to set the Desktop, Documents folder, and so on as protected folders, and allow only the programs that are allowed (for example, MS Office programs) to modify the files in the protected folder. Unauthorized programs can only open the file as read-only, or block the unauthorized program from running. Therefore, malicious programs can not be accessed to the protected folder.
You can also create backup files automatically whenever you modify or create documents. These backup files are stored in a special folder, and not all programs can change this backup files unless you allow it.
Use this product to protect your valuable files.

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