Block WebCam and Microphone

Avoid hacking through webcam or microphone , Prevent malicious programs to access information and run automatically when booting.



Prevent malicious programs use of WebCam or Microphone to access information.

Record the log for the program that accesses the WebCam or Microphone.

This prevents your personal information from being leaked through your webcam or microphone.

You can specify the applications that can use the WebCam or Microphone.

Also, you can specify the applications that cannot use the WebCam or Microphone.

The application that is installed by default when installing Microsoft Windows can use the WebCam, Microphone

Once the program is terminated, all programs cannot use the WebCam and Microphone.

We provide a list of widely used applications for user convenience. (Please register the accepted application easily with a single click)

If an unregistered application tries to use the WebCam or Microphone, display the following window and ask the user whether or not to allow the use.

Ask the user whether to allow the use of WebCam or Microphone


The program will run automatically when booting the PC, and the program will be located in the Tray Bar.

If the program is in the tray bar, you can right-click on the tray icon to display the window

The program can be executed in stealth mode.

Supported O/S

Windows 7

Windows 10

Windows 11

Windows Server 2008 R2 or later