Screen Watermark

xSecuritas Screen Watermark products can be used to prevent screen leakage, such as taking screenshots or taking pictures with a camera. We provide over 20 types of meta-text, which can be used to display user’s ID, IP address, MAC, date and time, etc. as a watermark.

Our policies are created easily with the application, and the watermark creation program is structured very intuitively.


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Key Features

Displays watermark on the monitor.

Dual monitor support

The watermark displayed on the monitor does not affect other programs. This means there are no restrictions on operations such as mouse clicks.

Text and images can be displayed as watermarks.

Supports various metadata watermarks

  • For a dynamic watermarking, we provide about 20 types of meta-text including user ID, local IP address, remote IP address, MAC, date time and computer environment.
  • You can specify various colors, position, transparency, angle, and number of text repetitions for the watermark.

The program will be running automatically when the PC boots, and it will be located in the tray bar.

If the program is in the tray bar, you can right-click on the tray icon to display the main application.

The program be executed in stealth mode.

Sample watermark output on monitor

Supported O/S

Windows 7

Windows 10

Windows 11

Windows Server 2008 R2 or later