Product Features

Protect your files by making some files as read-only. Automatically back up each time you modify a file. Protect your webcam and microphone from hackers. USB can be discarded immediately if you lose the USB. You can receive the usage history of security documents in real time by email. With this product, please secure your PC.

Secure Doc

  • Change your commonly used files into encrypted documents.
  • This security document can be viewed by the password you set.

USB Safe Guard

  • Protect your data stored in USB when you lose your USB.
  • Generic USB Flash can be converted to secure USB.

Secure PC

  • Do you want to hide your important files from anyone else?
  • Want to hide all your documents on your desktop, my documents?

Block Ransomware and Backup

  • Want to protect your important files from Ransomware or viruses?
  • Do you want to automatically back up each time you modify a file?

Block WebCam and Microphone

  • This program can prevent hackers from using your webcam.
  • You do not need to disable the webcam or microphone device in Device Manager.

Hide Cloud Drive

  • Do you want to keep your Cloud Drive Data safe while you are away from your PC ?
  • This product disables Sync Folder and Tray Icon of Cloud Drive.

Output Watermark

You can print the watermark on the printout. You can place a watermark even when it is printed in PDF or XPS. You can also decide whether to print watermarks by application.

Screen Watermark

You can print the desired watermark on the screen. This screen watermark does not affect the running of other programs. Also, Up to 4 texts and images can be used as watermark.

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Store your important files on a security-enhanced drive

Protect your important files from Ransomware or viruses

Prevent hackers from using your webcam or microphone

Safe way to send important files to customers

Secure USB is available to authorized users only.