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Screen Watermark For Enterprise

Screen Watermark can be displayed on multiple agents using web console. It also supports interworking with Active Directory and SSO. Please request for a quote

Screen Watermark For Personal

You can print the desired watermark on the screen. This screen watermark does not affect the running of other programs. Also, Up to 4 texts and images can be used as watermark.

Output Watermark

You can print the watermark on the printout. You can place a watermark even when it is printed in PDF or XPS. You can also decide whether to print watermarks by application.

USB Safe Guard

  • Protect your data stored in USB when you lose your USB.
  • Generic USB Flash can be converted to secure USB.

Secure PC

  • Do you want to hide your important files from anyone else?
  • Want to hide all your documents on your desktop, my documents?

Block WebCam and Microphone

  • This program can prevent hackers from using your webcam.
    You do not need to disable the webcam or microphone device in Device Manager.