How do I secure my wallet, bank account ?

The “Secure PC” product provides Secure Drive, a kind of virtual disk that can safely store important files such as your banking information and wallet.
One “Secure Drive” maximum size is 32 GB, and you can create multiple “Secure Drive” if you have free PC space.

“Secure Drive” is configured with dual encryption in case you lose it.
The created “Secure Drive” can be freely used like a normal drive.
The advantage of this is that you can mount and use “Secure Drive” only when you need it, and close it when you are done, making the “Secure Drive” completely disappear from the explorer.
Therefore, no one else can know that these drives exist.
Another use is explained.
You can save files to “Secure Drive” and pass “Secure Drive” to others like a USB drive.
“Secure Drive” can only be used on a PC with “Secure PC” installed. When using it, you need to know the read/write password or the read-only password. If you give someone a read-only password, they can only use “Secure Drive” as read-only, so they can not modify any files in “Secure Drive” at all.

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