Screen Watermark for Enterprise

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  • Display AD / SSO information as a screen watermark

  • Different watermarks can be applied for each organization / user using the Web Console

  • Control of all agents using Web Console  (Close/Uninstall applition)

  • You can edit the watermark policy in the Web console and preview it.

  • You can show or hide the watermark dynamically depending on the environment.

  • Provide API interface to display watermark according to customer’s special environment

  • In case of MultiSession product, watermark policy can be applied to each instance in VDI environment



  • You can prevents the specified application from running.

  • Even if you replace the PC, you can still use the secure drive.

  • Secure drives can be freely used like regular drives.

  • Secure drives can be used in read-only or edit mode.

  • You can permanently delete selected files / folders making them unrecoverable

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