“Screen Watermark” Enterprise edition

Policy concept

The administrator creates screen watermark policies to be distributed to groups or users using Web Console. (You can create multiple watermark policies)

The same policy can be applied to all users, or each policy can be applied to each group or user.

Even if the agent program is running, the watermark may not be displayed by the policy.

The administrator can set the policy applied when logging on to AD, SSO, or agent programs. The administrator can also set the policy applied when logging off.

Agent program description:

Automatically restarts when PC restarts (automatically starts even in safe mode)

Multi-Session support: Screen watermark is displayed on the user session when the user is switched.

Agent Logon Method: Supports the following 4 types, and the administrator can set / change them.

  • Anonymous logon:
  • Active Directory Logon: When a user logs on to AD, the agent program is also automatically logged on with the corresponding AD account.
  • SSO Logon: When the user logs on to SSO, the agent program is also automatically logged on with the corresponding SSO account.
  • ID/Password Logon: When the agent program starts, a logon window is displayed asking for ID and Password.

Main features of the agent program:

Function to show or hide the watermark according to the designated environment

  • According to customer policy, the watermark can be hidden inside the company, the watermark is only visible when the PC is used externally, or normally the watermark is not visible, but the watermark can be shown when certain conditions are satisfied.

The agent program periodically inquires to the Web Server whether the policy currently being applied by the user has been changed, and if the policy is changed, then the changed policy is reflected.

Support 4 groups of text watermark

  • Various output locations can be specified for each group
  • You can display Active Directory or SSO information in Watermark.
  • User-defined meta data can be displayed on the Watermark

4 image watermark support

  • Support png, bmp, gif, jpg images.

Self-protection function

  • Prevention of Process / Thread kill: The user cannot forcibly kill Process / Thread using a tool such as Task Manager.
  • Prevention of program file deletion: Executable files and data files related to the agent program cannot be deleted in Explorer or etc.
  • Program Uninstall Prevention: The user must know the password to uninstall the program, and the user cannot forcibly delete program files from Explorer or etc.
  • When the PC boots, the agent program is automatically executed, but the user cannot remove this policy.
  • The agent program can be executed in Hide state. (Hidden in the tray bar)

Main functions of WEB Console

The administrator can preview the watermark policy you are creating.

(You can see how the screen watermark policy you are creating looks on the screen)

The administrator can assign policies by group or user.

If a user account is stored in the WEB DB, policy can be assigned to each group / user, or the agent program can be terminated or removed remotely for the selected user.

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