Secure Doc


  • 普通の文書を暗号化されたセキュア文書に変換し、文書セキュリティを最高にします。

  • セキュア文書のログをリアルタイムで見れます。

  • セキュア文書を安全に送ることができます。

  • セキュア文書を遠隔で制御できます。


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  • Convert general documents into encrypted secure documents to maximize document security

  • When creating secure documents, you can specify policies such as expiration date, number of times of inquiry, number of print designation, watermark, prohibition of printing, prohibition of copying, designation of a recipient.

  • Secure documents can be viewed using a dedicated viewer and support Windows, MAC, Android, iPhone / iPAD.

  • Even after the secure document is distributed, you can change the security policy for this document

  • You can view logs (read, output, etc.) of secure documents in real time.


number of secure documents generated

60, 120, 240



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